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DUVAS is an acronym for Differential UltraViolet Absorption Spectroscopy. It is a highly flexible cost effective family of intelligent portable, mobile and fixed sensors using closed path spectroscopy, capable of detecting multiple pollutants simultaneously at ppb levels. The business was successfully born out of the Imperial Innovations part of Imperial College.

DUVAS' Mission is to provide:

State of the art, flexible, real time, cost effective and intelligent air quality sensing and monitoring systems for application in Air Quality Monitoring, Security and the Oil a& Gas sectors, enabling improved decision making.

The Duvas family of sensors are capable of measuring a broad range of pollutants in ppb and are  fast due to the fact that UV light is used to detect the all the pollutants simultaneously. Outstanding accuracy is provided due to the robust algorithms developed using high energy physics and remote sensing techniques, and low-cost because the instruments capability has been mainly achieved through software rather than hardware components.

All products within the family can be set up as intelligent mobile (for short term measurement), or permanently sited (long term measurement). All products provide real time networked data to cover a wide area, with measurements taken every few seconds, and all are ethernet and GPRS/3G enabled for automatic data upload, enhanced with GPS positional data.



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