Duvas Technologies

The DUVAS Mission is to provide:

State of the art, flexible, real time, cost effective and intelligent air quality sensing and monitoring systems for application in Air Quality Monitoring, Security and the Oil & Gas sectors, enabling improved decision making.

DV3000 offers a new approach to multi-gas analysis with its real time robust, highly flexible mobile and fixed instruments.

DV3000 uses closed path differential UV absorption spectroscopy. This takes unique portions of the target compound's spectrum and searches for it using proprietary algorithms. In this way the DV3000 can detect and differentiate between a single or multiple compounds in complex mixtures to ppb levels.

With a potential library of over 70 species the DV3000 can be used to detect unsaturated hydrocarbons, NOx, SOx and ozone for traffic monitoring and BTEX.

Fast accurate measuring means that the DV3000 can be deployed on the move or in a fixed position.

Serial, Ethernet or Bluetooth communication allows the DV3000 to stream data in real time.

GPS option enables mapping of pollution distribution.


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